Sardar Amarjit Singh Kahai

Amarjit Singh Kahai passed away peacefully surrounded by his loved ones on Saturday 3 February 2024. He was a former President of the Pothohar Association and was very keen on uplifting the community through various spiritual and community events.

He was born in Sindh Nawabshah on 3 September 1938. During Partition he reached India through severe hardship and initially ended up in a refugee camp finally settling in Vijay Nagar in Delhi. Amarjit Ji started his career by opening a school which still stands today. In 1963 Amarjit ji joined the Indian Army and became a Captain. He got married in 1967 and left the army shortly after to open his own restaurant called Adella BBQ. In 1969 he sold the business and planned to move to Canada via London. He got a job in the UK straight away and after a year was able to call Gursharan ji and 2-year-old Pawan.

He moved to Southampton after a promotion at Ford. This is where his committee spirit first ignited, he became actively involved in Southampton Gurdwara.

After a happy 10 years in Southampton his business journey began. He moved to Southgate after purchasing a post office. Soon after he was recruited as a committee member of the Pothohar Biradari. By 1986 he had become the President of the Pothohar Biradari. During his time on the committee he was keen to encourage younger members of the community to organise their own events through the Young Pothoharis. Many of the current committee were former members of the Young Pothoharis.

He moved to Hounslow after an acquiring a petrol station in Chiswick in 1988 which he ran until he retired in his early 70s.

Even in retirement his love of the community shone through as he organised Simran and Katha events at homes all over west London. He had a gift of being able to explain Gurbani in simple language.

We all pray for his soul to be elevated and merge into the Light.

Speech given by Chanchal Singh Chowdhry at the funeral of Amarjit Singh Kahai

Suchkhand Vase Nirankar, as mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib, means a place where God resides, and for Sikhs, uniting with the Almighty is the ultimate goal.

Today, we are gathered here to honor Suchkhand Nivasi Amarjit Singh Kahai, a remarkable man whose strong commitment to community and Sikh values touched many lives.

In every community, there are people who inspire us with their wisdom and positive attitude towards life. Amarjit Singh Kahai was one such individual. He dedicated himself to serving The Pothohar Association, playing a vital role in its modernization and promotion of democratic values.

His disciplined approach, shaped by his military background, was evident in everything he did. Like a dedicated soldier, he faced life with precision and dedication.

I remember visiting him when we were planning the 100-year commemoration of Pothoharis in Britain. I witnessed his meticulous attention to detail, which ensured the success of the project. He generously shared his handwritten notes from his time leading the Association.

Above all, Mr. Kahai was known for his kindness and generosity. Through his matrimonial service, he helped organize nearly 58 successful weddings within our community, demonstrating his selflessness and desire for others’ happiness.

In conclusion, let us take comfort in the words of Guru Granth Sahib: “Sant Mare Kaya Roveeaye, Jo Apna Greh Jaya” (why should we cry? For those who have returned to their true home). May Amarjit Singh Kahai find eternal peace and joy.

The Pothohar Association is grateful for the generous donation given by Amarjit Ji as a legacy gift.